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Welcome to Visual C++ Developer Online

November 2017
Using the MSXML Parser to Work with XML Documents Kenn Scribner
Kenn Scribner's recent articles on XML and the MSXML DOM parser exposed only some of the parser's capabilities. Those articles introduced XML as a technology, not the XML parser itself. Now Kenn revisits the MSXML parser and covers the basics you need to work with XML documents and nodes: searching for specific nodes, inserting nodes, and retrieving nodal values. click here for full article (free)
Editorial: Hands-On, How-To.
One of the points of this site is to help people work and try on their own. This how to document will run you through everything you need to do to get setup and start working on your own. From coding applications, to references, to getting a good deal on web hosting using our exclusive Nexcess hosting coupon. Kate Gregory
click here for full article (free)
Simplify Your Testing with MethodPatcher Roman Korchagin of http://weddenop.com
In the June 2000 issue of Visual C++ Developer, Roman Korchagin showcased some principles and techniques for testing code. He presented an Emulator technique that let you test one half of an application by simulating the other half. In this follow-up article, he presents a class that's useful when you need control over the responses of some other class. The MethodPatcher does it by patching the compiled code and redirecting control to your tests. (online subscribers only) subscribe now
C++ Speed Tips Using A Multifunction Mouse Martin Cook
To anyone who has coded much recently, it should come as no surprise that there are now multifunction mice that offer both great ergonomics, and also all sorts of shortcuts that will really help speed up day to day C++ programming. Here's an example of the kind of mice we're talking about - Best Budget Gaming Mouses in 2018 - Review and Buyers Guide. Read this article for an in depth tutorial on how to use a multifunction mouse for coding. (online subscribers only) subscribe now
A Status Bar that Holds ActiveX Controls Martin Cook
Several years ago, Martin Cook extended the usefulness of the MFC status bar by creating a version capable of housing almost any type of control. This article presents a simplified version of that tool; one specifically targeted to hosting ActiveX controls. The accompanying sample program illustrates a typical use by placing two ActiveX controls on the status bar of an MFC application. (online subscribers only) subscribe now
Tip: Storing Empty Strings Using CLongBinary and CRecordset Sunil BG
click here for full article (free)
HealthTip: Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses Are Awesome
On a more personal note - I spend a lot of time behind the computer screen. For years I've suffered from headaches, eye strain, and trouble falling asleep. I recently learned about the effects of blue light, and I think a lot of the minor quality of life issues I was having from all my computer use are due to too much blue light. I did my research, and I think the best price point and best value in blue light blocking in the USA is to get a pair of Ambr glasses. I love mine and highly recommend them! - Check them out here: https://ambreyewear.com/



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