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Brian Hart

Brian Hart has been a frequent contributor to Visual C++ Developer since October 1998. He is always discovering new ways of doing things, resources for Visual C++ developers, and helping to further the development and exposure of his peers through the pages of VCD.

In addition to being a regular contributor to Visual C++ Developer, Brian is also the editor of Pinnacle's VCD eXTRA, a free e-Newsletter for Visual C++ developers. You're invited you to sign up for the e-Newsletter at http://www.FreeENewsletters.com/.

Brian is a full-time student at Hamline University, located in Saint Paul, MN. Hamline University, on the Web at http://web.hamline.edu/, is Minnesota's first university, established in 1854. Brian is a Physics and Mathematics double-major in his third year.

In addition to his academic studies, Brian uses Visual C++ for research, as he is a researcher in computational astrophysics. Brian holds this position at the University of Minnesota's Laboratory for Computational Science and Engineering, in the Department of Astronomy. The laboratory's Web site is at http://www.lcse.umn.edu, where you can learn about the simulation projects being conducted there.

Brian's research area is in developing graphical interface software with Visual C++ to help his colleagues with their research. The interfaces hide the details of controlling devices and analyzing and transforming 3D fields of data across clustered workstations, to name a few. This work also will include research into using Windows DNA (Distributed interNet Applications) for research purposes. The best part for him of being at the LCSE is his work with the lab's 25-foot-diagonal, 6400x2400-resolution "InTENsity PowerWall."

Brian has been invited to be a featured speaker at SuperComputing 2000, a conference put on by the IEEE and ACM (Association of Computer Machinery), this November in Dallas, Texas. More info about the conference is available at http://www.SC2000.org/. He will be giving lectures and presenting papers on his research work there.

To keep his sanity, Brian also sings in choruses and plays the piano when the programming gets to be too much. He enjoys singing and making music, and he often attends arts concerts around the Twin Cities, where he lives. He performs with The Oratorio Society of Minnesota Chorus (http://www.oratorio.org/) and has appeared on the concert stage with The Minnesota Symphony Orchestra (http://www.mnorch.org/).

Brian started programming in C++ at the age of 14, back when version 1.0 of Visual C++ was out, having been born from Microsoft C/C++ 7.0. He has been occasionally marketing shareware through his software company, WnDBSoft Software International. That has been put on hold for the meantime while he pursues other endeavors.

But through it all, you can expect to see a lot more from him in the pages of Visual C++ Developer in the coming months, so stay tuned!

url: http://www.hamline.edu/~bhart
email: bhart@pinpub.com
Articles Published
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June 2000All the Source Code, Tutorials, and Samples You Could Want (online subscribers only)
May 2000"What's This" Help: Mastering the Context Help Button, Part 1 (free)
March 2000Out with the Old, in with the New (online subscribers only)
February 2000Who Knew Setup Could Be This Fun (or Easy)? (online subscribers only)
November 1999Get a Handle on That Window: Centering Child Windows Revisited (online subscribers only)
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September 1999Making a Dialup Connection to the Internet (online subscribers only)
August 1999Browse for a Folder the COM Way (online subscribers only)
August 1999Tip: Using the CWnd::SetIcon Function (free)
March 1999Browse for a Folder the Non-COM Way (free)
February 1999Adding Help Buttons to Message Boxes (online subscribers only)


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