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Kate Gregory

Kate Gregory, the Editor of Visual C++ Developer, is a freelance writer, trainer, and programmer who has been paid to program since 1979. Her experience spans almost every operating system and language, though Visual C++ has become her development tool of choice. (Her experience with C++ stretches back to before Visual C++ existed -- she enthusiastically converted upon seeing the first release.) With her husband Brian, she owns a 9-person computer consulting and software development business in rural Ontario, Canada. Gregory Consulting develops software and web sites, and specializes in combining software development with web site development to create active sites.

Kate teaches a variety of related topics including C++, Object Oriented technqiues, UML, XML, Using the Internet, and Java. She also speaks at at conferences on topics of interest to the Visual C++ community. Her books for Que include Building Internet Applications with Visual C++, and three editions of Special Edition Using Visual C++. She has contributed to numerous other books for Que, and develops courses for The Willcam Group and DigitalThink.

url: http://www.gregcons.com
email: kate@gregcons.com
Articles Published
November 2000Editorial: Hands-On, How-To (free)
October 2000Editorial: Treats That Won't Stick to Your Teeth (free)
September 2000Editorial: Back to the Future (free)
August 2000Tip: Service Pack 4 for Visual C++ 6.0 (free)
August 2000Editorial: Am I the Only Person Still in the Office? (free)
July 2000Editorial: It's Not Who You Know... (free)
June 2000Editorial: Good Old Summertime Again (free)
May 2000Editorial: New Faces for a New Season (free)
April 2000Editorial: Moving to the Internet Without Leaving the Good Stuff Behind (free)
March 2000Editorial: No More Same Old, Same Old (free)
February 2000Recent Product Announcements (free)
February 2000Editorial: Don't Look Back… Someone Might Be Gaining on You (free)
January 2000Editorial: Talk About a Fresh Start! (free)
December 1999Editorial: Save Now, Save Later (free)
November 1999Editorial: Looking Ahead, Looking Back (free)
November 1999Tip: Visual C++ on the Web (free)
October 1999Editorial: Let's Get Generic (free)
September 1999Editorial: I Had That Working, But It Melted (free)
August 1999Editorial: Keeping You Updated (free)
July 1999Editorial: Are You Fired Up? (online subscribers only)
June 1999Editorial: The More Things Change... (free)
May 1999Editorial: Shedding Some Light (free)
April 1999Editorial: That Sounds Easy! (free)
March 1999Editorial: Add a Little Something (free)
February 1999Editorial: Give Me a Place to Stand... (free)
January 1999Editorial: How About Some Resolutions? (free)


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